The Importance of a Colon Cancer Screening for People 50- Up

Colon cancer is a common type of cancer found in men. Usually there are little to no symptoms associated with the cancer. It is for this reason and others that mt pleasant colon cancer screening is important. This screening may save your life as well as a lot of headaches at the doctor.

A screening test can detect polyps that cause colon cancer. The polyps can then be removed from the colon or rectum before they turn cancerous. This alone should convince you of the importance of this test.  If you carry insurance, they should cover all fees associated with the procedure. There really is no reason not to get a colon cancer screening.

mt pleasant colon cancer screening

Exactly who needs to be tested for colon cancer?

Although most experts recommend people between 50 – 75 get tested for colorectal cancer, some may need to start their screening at age 45 if there are certain pre-existing conditions or other concerns. Visit the doctor at least once per year so he can help better determine when it is time to get tested.

You should get a colon cancer test one time per year to stay safe and protect your health. There are some signs that may require testing more often. However, most patients can expect the screening to occur only once per year to protect their health and keep them safe and healthy for longer.

Your health is important. Do all that you can to take care of your health, like scheduling a colon cancer screening. If you want to live to an old age and do so healthy, this is the best way to do so. You don’t get a second chance at great health. Make it count the first time.